Are Your Pipes Frozen Solid?

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When a pipe freezes and breaks, water can cascade through your home, causing serious damage to your property. If you think your pipes are frozen, contact us immediately. Wayne's Drains, LLC takes on frozen pipe repair work in Wisconsin Rapids, WI and surrounding areas. We'll use heated hyrdo jetting equipment to thaw out your frozen pipes and keep them from breaking.

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How do you know if your pipes are frozen?

How do you know if your pipes are frozen?

Wayne's Drains provides frozen pipe repair services throughout the Wisconsin Rapids, WI area. Your pipes might be frozen if:

  • You can't get running water
  • You see frost on your pipes
  • You hear a strange bubbling noise when you flush the toilet or use the sink
  • You smell an unusual odor coming from a drain
  • You notice damp drywall
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